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The way we work

Independently - Our standards development decision making is statutorily independent, and free from undue industry, government, or political influence.

Representatively - Our standards development committees are made up of technical and industry subject matter experts, and consumer and government representations.

By consensus - We take a consensus- based standards development approach that is unbiased, representative and fair, and which achieves agreement.

Globally connected - We participate internationally to represent New Zealand’s expertise and interests and make a valuable contribution to global needs and international standardisation.

Our products and services

Trusted - Our reliably developed standards carry significant influence and credibility.

High quality - Our standards set requirements for quality and performance, helping to ensure that products and services are safe and fit for purpose.

Good practice - Our standards can help establish consistent industry practice as they are based on the combined professional skills and expertise of standards development committees.


Trade - Standards help provide assurance to support international trade, market access and economic prosperity.

Productivity - Standards can enable efficiency improvements and cost savings for business, helping rationalise production and service costs and satisfying consumer demands for lower cost while maintaining quality standards.

Innovation - Standards can serve as a catalyst for innovation by helping anchor new solutions into markets and value chains.

Protection - Standards support health, safety, security and well-being by setting requirements for the protection of people and the management of risk.