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Access to this standard has been sponsored by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), who identified the importance of giving non-technical audiences (such as schools and hospitals), technical process heat audiences, and the public access to a PDF copy of the publicly available specification (PAS) online at no charge.

SNZ PAS 5210:2021 High-temperature heat pumps(external link)

The objective of this publicly available specification (PAS) is to provide advice and information to support the adoption of energy-efficient heat pump systems to deliver hot water in New Zealand commercial space heating applications (for example, schools or hospitals), and industrial process heat applications. Advice is included on how to quantify and compare the cost, performance, and environmental impact of heat pump systems.

This PAS includes electrically driven packaged heat pump systems with a heating capacity greater than 10 kW and delivering a temperature between 50°C and 160°C. Both new installations and retrofit installations to replace an existing heating system are considered. Site integration of the heat pump system is also considered. This includes the use and configuration of associated thermal storage and heating fluid distribution systems, electrical supply, advanced control, data connectivity, performance monitoring, commissioning and operating, and the provision of cooling. Safety issues and the issues and impacts of refrigerant selection are also noted.

Copyright in SNZ PAS 5210 is Crown copyright, administered by the New Zealand Standards Executive. Access to this standard has been sponsored by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority under copyright licence LN001474.

You are permitted to view and print this standard free of charge (subject to printing costs) for your own use. You are not permitted to reproduce any part of it without prior written permission from Standards New Zealand, on behalf of the New Zealand Standards Executive, unless your actions are covered by Part 3 of the Copyright Act 1994.

Part 3 of the Copyright Act 1994 - New Zealand Legislation(external link)

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