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Technology touches every part of our world – the way we live, learn, work and socialise. The changing environment of the digital economy is rapidly adopting and innovating new technologies that present many opportunities and challenges. In our hyperconnected world, the security of our information has never been more crucial.

Establishing good practice will be fundamental to succeeding in a data-driven, digitally connected world. Standards help organisations make sense in a complex industry, providing consensus-built, agreed tools and ways of doing things that allow global interoperability, security and innovation to flourish.

The digital economy is the third largest contributor to New Zealand’s economy, and standards play a critical role in supporting New Zealand Tech businesses’ success.

With New Zealand being such a long distance from trading partners there is a need for strong IT systems that are trusted and can integrate seamlessly and reliably with other countries. Standards ensure interoperability. Alison Holt, International data standards committee member, IT Professionals NZ Board member, business entrepreneur and academic.
We are unrecognizable to a global market without standards. We don’t win work because of standards and compliance. But without them we do lose. Andy Prow, CEO RedShield cybersecurity.

Who benefits from Digital and Data standards?

Regulators – Standards provide harmonised solutions that establish a solid technical base that can be used to write and implement ICT-related policy, and help develop technologies that directly benefit them on issues such as identity management and information security

Industry – Aligning to New Zealand and international standards supports businesses to operate digitally worldwide – from protecting reputation, integrity and market credibility, to providing customer and business partner confidence and integrating technology for competitive advantage.

Consumers – Consumers benefit from state-of-the-art devices, better-performing systems, and organisations that work more effectively. What’s more, consumers enjoy increased protection of their personal data thanks to the advances in information security achieved through standards.

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You could have a role to play in shaping the future of standards you and your peers use. If you have skills, experience or a unique perspective in your industry you could contribute on a standards development committee – whether for New Zealand, joint Australian/New Zealand or international ISO or IEC standards. Complete an expression of interest here:

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