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Access to this guideline has been sponsored by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), who recognise the significance electricity and the role EVs will play in our connected future. This is of particular importance to non-technical audiences and to that end, public access to a PDF copy of the publicly available specification (PAS) is available online, at no charge.

SNZ PAS 6011:2023 Residential electric vehicle (EV) charging(external link)

SNZ PAS 6011:2023 has been prepared by representatives from the motor vehicle industry, electrical engineering and transport sectors, and energy retailers and central government regulators. It collates advice for New Zealand consumers on how to install an EV charging station in a residential setting, or at a residential home. It also provides guidance on how to charge an EV safely and cost- effectively at home. Use this guideline if you are a New Zealand consumer who is thinking about buying an EV or has already joined the fast-growing fleet of EV owners. It will help you focus on the important considerations related to charging your EV, such as when and where best to charge, and how to maximise the benefits from your EV – now and in the future.

This guideline will also help you understand the different charging systems available in New Zealand, and technology that will be introduced in the future. This includes smart EV charging and its relationship with demand flexibility.

Copyright in SNZ PAS 6011 is Crown copyright, administered by the New Zealand Standards Executive. Access to this standard has been sponsored by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority under copyright licence LN001474.

You are permitted to view and print this standard free of charge (subject to printing costs) for your own use. You are not permitted to reproduce any part of it without prior written permission from Standards New Zealand, on behalf of the New Zealand Standards Executive, unless your actions are covered by Part 3 of the Copyright Act 1994.

Part 3 of the Copyright Act 1994 - New Zealand Legislation(external link)

For queries about copyright, email Standards New Zealand.