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With a growing population, and evolving needs, there is strong demand for a high-quality, safe and sustainable built environment.

The sector needs standards. They help to ensure buildings and civil engineering works are safe and fit for purpose. They cover virtually every part and process of the construction project, from the soil it stands on right through to the roof. Many standards form part of the compliance requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

Standards also support new technologies and innovations with solutions that factor in local and global challenges like demographic evolution, natural disasters and climate change.

Who benefits from building and construction standards?

Industry – By establishing agreed design and manufacturing specifications and processes, standards ensure consistency and reliability, and create confidence. 

Regulators – Incorporating best-practice test methods, processes and harmonised terminology, standards form a technical basis for regulation and policy development.

Consumers – When standards are integrated throughout every aspect of a build – from design to completion – consumers have more confidence the buildings they live and work in are safe, efficient and durable. 

Discover more about our work in the sector:

Strategic partnership agreement

An ongoing commitment to keep standards relevant.

Building Performance have committed to a further 5-year programme of work with Standards New Zealand that will see the review and revision of standards and adoption of international standards, to build upon the current library of good practice advice they currently support.

Building on the foundations of a great partnership with BSP

Sponsored Standards

The building regulator Building Performance sponsors free access to 131 standards helping support those in related industries to do the right thing – covering a range of needs from earthworks and concrete, timber and steel construction to glazing, fire safety, insulation and lighting. New Zealand is one of few countries that provides funded access to standards to ensure our buildings are safe, resilient, and effective.

Sponsored building-related standards

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Represent the sector

You could have a role to play in shaping the future of standards you and your peers use. If you have skills, experience or a unique perspective in your industry you could contribute on a standards development committee – whether for New Zealand, joint Australian/New Zealand or international ISO or IEC standards. Complete an expression of interest here:

Join a standards development committee

Sector brochure

Want to commission a standard, get involved in a committee or learn more about the value of standards to the sector? Download our summary brochure for discussion with your business leaders.

Building and construction sector brochure [PDF, 344 KB]