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From the moment you wake up, standards are behind almost everything you interact with. With standards in place, people can enjoy improved wellbeing, and New Zealand has greater economic efficiency, and increased prominence on the international stage. Robust standards also help support our local communities by building a safer, more sustainable environment.

Standards provide potential solutions to issues, resolve problems, provide a means of compliance with legislation, and create commercial benefits such as trading opportunities.

Standards benefit consumers, industry and government by:

  • keeping people safe and preventing accidents and injuries
  • increasing productivity and boosting economic growth and trade opportunities by connecting New Zealand to international markets
  • minimising unnecessary duplication, confusion, and inconsistencies in processes
  • encouraging best practice within sectors and supporting quality regulation, assurance and compliance.

Standards are created by subject matter experts who bring different perspectives and work in different disciplines, who know and use the standards. This leads to content that is fair, inclusive to all needs, and trusted.

Whether international standards, joint Australian/New Zealand standards or New Zealand standards, they all support:

  • Trade - with exporters and importers on the same page, there's clear understanding of quality, specification and interoperability so that things work across different countries or goods are as expected.
  • Productivity - with guidance based upon learned practical experience and knowledge, this brings efficiencies and cost savings, saves time and prevents reinventing the wheel. 
  • Innovation - standards can serve as a catalyst for innovation by helping anchor new solutions into markets and value chains.
  • Protection - by setting the requirements for the protection of people and management of risk, standards support health and safety, wellbeing and digital security.

When created with independent oversight, balanced representation on development committees and consensus decision-making, standards avoid monopolies so that they work for all users.

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