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These sectors include:

  • Fire protection
  • Business and trade
  • Consumer and occupational safety
  • Education and training
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Transportation and logistics

Who benefits from Other sectors standards?

Manufacturers and policy-makers – From setting direction and underpinning regulation and bylaws to technical specifications for consumer protection, standards give assurance and clarity.

Service providers – When scoping projects or work, standards remove ambiguity so everyone along the value chain knows what to expect. 

Consumers – Whether it’s buying a service, or a product, consumers want to know there are standards to protect their purchase and safety.

If you can’t find standards for your specific industry or objective, we can help. We can help you develop standards or find and/or modify existing international standards to meet your specific needs. Standards are versatile and ever evolving to help shape change and progress.

Discover examples of our varied work across other sectors:

Represent your sector

You could have a role to play in shaping the future of standards you and your peers use. If you have skills, experience or a unique perspective in your industry you could contribute on a standards development committee – whether for New Zealand, joint Australian/New Zealand or international ISO or IEC standards. Complete an expression of interest here:

Join a standards development committee