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By streamlining processes, increasing efficiency and developing safety measures, Standards New Zealand helps contribute to New Zealand’s export potential and creating environmentally sustainable practices.

Standards help to promote effective farming methods while ensuring that everything in the supply chain – from farm to fork – meets adequate levels of safety and quality. Standards also foster the sustainability and sound environmental management that contribute to a better future.

Who benefits from Primary Industry standards?

Industry – Farmers, manufacturers and food producers benefit from standards. By providing guidelines for agreed best practice and specifications for tools, machinery and other products and processes, standards ensure production is seamless and facilitates global trade.

Consumers – Standards help increase efficiencies, sustainability and traceability in food production. They also provide a common international language, widening opportunities for cross-border trade.

Regulators – Standards help organisations meet legal and industry requirements by setting benchmarks for the functional safety, traceability, and quality of everything from the machinery and materials used to the final food products. Developed through expertise and consensus, they provide a sound basis for implementing public policy.

'Standards set benchmarks. You may think that as a company you are doing OK but you don’t really know until you benchmark against those standards.’ Quality Manager, New Zealand Sugar Company.

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Represent the sector

You could have a role to play in shaping the future of standards you and your peers use. If you have skills, experience or a unique perspective in your industry you could contribute on a standards development committee – whether for New Zealand, joint Australian/New Zealand or international ISO or IEC standards. Complete an expression of interest here:

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Sector brochure

Want to commission a standard, get involved in a committee or learn more about the value of standards to the sector? Download our summary brochure for discussion with your business leaders.

Primary Industry sector brochure [PDF, 379 KB]