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Thank you committee members this Te Wiki Tūao ā-Motu National volunteer week

Standards could not exist without the contribution of standards development committee members working behind the scenes.

Te Wiki Tūao ā-Motu national volunteer week committee members and representatives

Just a few of the many committee members and representatives giving their time towards standards development. Te Wiki Tūao ā-Motu national volunteer week.

This week is Te Wiki Tūao ā-Motu National Volunteer Week. Malcolm MacMillan, National Manager Standards New Zealand, acknowledges those playing their part to shape standards, ‘This is a time to acknowledge the countless thousands of hours volunteered by hundreds of committee members.

These subject matter experts go unnoticed working behind the scenes reviewing, writing, commenting, analysing and testing content. This goes beyond paperwork, it’s about helping make the world a better place. The standards they help develop have an important role in keeping us safe, enabling trade and business, improving quality, efficiency and fairness, influencing positive change or giving us confidence that processes, and products will work as they should.’

Representing diverse sectors and skills

Our committee members represent diverse sectors and bring knowledge from all walks of life; plumbers, builders, firefighters, health professionals, regional councillors, manufacturers, engineers, cyber security experts, environmentalists, policy writers, regulators, scientists and academics, farmers, software engineers and doctors to name just some. While they are as diverse as the sectors and industries they represent, they all share one thing in common: a dedication to sharing their knowledge and expertise, listening to and learning from others and contributing towards agreed good practice.

Did you know…

  • New Zealand is represented by subject matter experts on over 100 active committees internationally and nationally.
  • Committee members build lifelong professional networks and now many can take place over video conferencing.
  • Experience comes from all ages and stages of their careers – some committee members are new parents others retirees.
  • Some committee members have worked on multiple revisions of standards over 20 years.
  • New Zealand committee members have played a part in developing international standards for over 70 years and helped shape some of the most widely used standards in the world.

Learn from the best

There are many rewards of volunteering your time towards committee participation – grow your professional networks, shape the very standards you use in your line of work, help improve your industry, and contribute to a better, smarter, safer society… but don’t take our word for it - learn more about the role from the very people engaged in committees through the many stories and accounts under our News and Updates section.

News and updates

Could you be a future committee member?

There is no ‘typical’ committee member. As long as you know your area of work and can see the bigger picture and importance of your distinct viewpoint. Committees are problem solvers and collaborators, so if you see a way to solve the problems standards help address, we welcome your expression of interest.

Become involved in standards development

Thank you

This week is about acknowledging those who have come before and those currently engaged in committees. ‘There are many people to thank. While many committee members are able to incorporate time into heir roles, there are many from small businesses and self-employed who give up time to give their unique perspectives and I wish to thank them all’, says Malcolm.

This national volunteer week we want to thank all of our committee members for representing your organisations, your industry, New Zealand and Standards New Zealand.