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Lintels and Beams Calculator

The BRANZ Lintels and Beams Calculator (in the Toolbox on the BRANZ website) is designed to allow the calculation of beam sizes where the span is outside those given in NZS 3604:2011 Timber-framed buildings. However, the beam sizes calculated are only applicable to buildings that are within the scope of NZS 3604:2011.
Beams that can be calculated using the tool are:

  • lintel supporting roof only
  • lintel supporting roof and wall
  • lintel supporting roof, wall and floor
  • veranda beam
  • floor beam
  • deck bearer or beam
  • ridge or roof beam
  • garage door lintel
  • cantilevered lintel only.

In all of these instances, a uniform distributed load on the beam or lintel is assumed. The tool is not designed to calculate any other beam type or beams that support a point load.

From BRANZ Guideline, October 2016