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Produced a Hydrogen standards review report

We reviewed and reported on the standards needed to support the safe and effective integration of hydrogen energy into New Zealand’s energy landscape.

Produced two publicly available specifications on EV charging

These guidelines support both residential and commercial installation of EV charging infrastructure.

Participated and contributed on the international stage

  • IEC general meeting, Egypt
  • Asia Pacific Cooperation Forum (APCF)
  • ISO general assembly, UAE
  • ISO Asia-Pacific monthly meetings
  • IEC NZ National Committee meetings
  • IEC Asia-Pacific new revenue group meetings
  • Pacific Islands Standards Committee (PISC) meeting, New Caledonia
  • Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) 45th forum, New Caledonia

Standards New Zealand turned 90

Improving standards for a better New Zealand

Built internal capability and resource this past year in:

  • Quality Management Systems and Assurance
  • ICT and Business Systems
  • Pricing & Commercial Services
  • Copyright and Licensing capability

Participated and contributed to international standards development

Facilitated and managed the identification, appointment and membership of New Zealand representatives on 83 different international standards development committees, helping to influence international standards important to our economy.

Enabled access and use of standards

Our standards and other publications were accessed via our e-commerce platform 347,758 times.

Developed and published 159 new standards

  • 122 international adoptions or modifications
  • 31 jointly developed with Standards Australia
  • 6 New Zealand standards, publicly available specifications and technical specifications

Provided secretariat function for:

3 joint Australasian standards development committees

Established new and maintained existing multi-year partnership agreements with:

EECA, WorkSafe NZ and MBIE Building System Performance organisations to develop standards to support their sectors and regulatory systems.

New Standards Approval Board

Supported the recruitment, appointment and transition of 5 new board members, including a new chair, into their role as the NZ Standards Approval Board.

Implemented a new public consultation tool

This makes obtaining public feedback, analysing those submissions, and reporting back to committees more effective and efficient.

Developed a new strategic plan

Priorities include climate change, the digital economy, business sustainability and customer service.

Provided secretariat function for:

8 IEC National Committee meetings and workshops

Customer enquiries

We responded to approximately 3,700 customer inquiries and resolved 98% of these within our 5-day KPI target.

Initiated a quality assurance and risk management review

Working towards ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management