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The official electronic version of the 2022 Stakeholder satisfaction survey is provided in PDF format. We may also publish this document in other electronic formats to improve the accessibility of our information. While these alternative formats may have minor presentation changes, we make every effort to ensure the information is accurately converted.

2022 Stakeholder satisfaction survey [PDF, 245 KB]


We ran Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys in October 2019 and May 2022 to:

  • understand our stakeholders and what they want
  • gauge change in stakeholder satisfaction
  • measure progress toward our strategic goals
  • make more informed business decisions that result in better value for New Zealanders.

In the period between the two surveys, Standards New Zealand implemented a new website, online library portal and streamlined purchasing process; added over 550 new publications; incorporated online collaboration tools to the standards development process; increased the number of sponsored standards available for free download; and trialled a new digital platform.

The responses to the 2022 survey told us how effective these changes have been and how we might continue to improve as New Zealand’s national standards body.

National Manager Malcolm MacMillan says,

“With our five-year strategic plan under development, your feedback through the survey directly informs our decision-making, direction and goals so that we invest in the right areas. We value and consider all feedback and thanks to the most recent survey, we are working on how we can digitise our catalogue, diversify our products and make sure committee members feel valued for their contributions. While we seek feedback from stakeholders, which includes commissioners, committee members and customers, the outcomes have the potential to impact every New Zealander who uses anything improved by standards.”

Feedback from stakeholders overall

The responses to the 2022 survey told us how effective these changes have been and how we might continue to improve as New Zealand’s national standards body.

Three quarters or more of the 2022 survey respondents said they were satisfied with many aspects of our business (see below results). 90% stated that they were satisfied with the quality and relevance of our products. When stakeholders were asked to identify any barriers they had to using standards, 36% said there weren’t any, followed by 34% who said cost was the biggest barrier. To address this concern, we are partnering with government regulators to sponsor (pre-funded) public access to more standards and are encouraging more associations and institutions to purchase Online Library subscriptions for use by their members.

For 73% of stakeholders, the main benefit to using standards was that they help them comply with regulatory or legislative requirements. Other benefits, according to 46%, were that standards helped them do their jobs and reduce risk.

2022 Stakeholder satisfaction results

Below are the 2022 Rated Indicators and the percentage of respondents who are either somewhat or very satisfied.

All responding stakeholders

  • Overall performance 79%
  • The quality and relevance of products 90%
  • Standards development services 77%
  • Access to standards 74%
  • Access to standards-related information 75%
  • Engagement 78%

Customers who bought standards

  • Purchasing process overall 84%
  • Ease of using the website for purchasing 85%
  • Ease of accessing Online Library standards 79%
  • Customer service via phone or email 85%
  • Delivery of hard copy orders 87%

Development committee members

  • Standards development project management 84%
  • Standards development communications 93%
  • Standards development tools and resources 80%
  • Standards development input made a difference 77%
  • Standards development product fit for purpose 86%

Feedback from customers only

Those customers* who made purchases from Standards New Zealand (“Customers who bought standards”), were asked more detailed questions about their latest experience(s) accessing standards. Of note, 85% said it was easy to use the new website for purchasing and they were satisfied with the customer services they received via phone and email. Customers suggested some improvements could be made to the search function on the website, which we will be working on in 2023.

*A subset of our stakeholders

Feedback from committee members only

In 2022 we asked standards development committee members some new questions about their latest committee experience(s) (“Development committee members”). Of note, 93% said they were satisfied with the way we communicated with them and 84% were pleased with the standards development project management we offer overall.

There were requests for more standards to be developed or updated, including the adoption of more international standards. Stakeholders would also like to see greater diversity within committees, more incentives for committee participation, public consultation earlier in the development process and less time demanded of committee members.

We continue to innovate for speed and are offering variations to our traditional development models, while ensuring that the quality, relevance and accessibility of our products remains high. One of our newer offerings is the Publicly Available Specification (PAS), a consensus-based solution developed much faster than the average standard development timeframe. The Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) Te Tari Tiaki Pūngao has used this option to good effect in response to a rapidly changing sector.

Commitment to continuous improvement

Standards New Zealand strives to provide the products and services our stakeholders want. Stakeholder satisfaction surveys are one of the ways we obtain important market feedback to better understand what we are doing well and what we can improve on. It’s clear from this survey’s results that we are doing well in maintaining the quality and relevanceof our products. Improving our speed to market and increasing the functionality of our online web shop and library subscription services are desired and we will continue to work on these areas. We will continue to seek stakeholders’ feedback in various ways and make the necessary changes to our products and services wherever possible.We thank the hundreds who participated in this stakeholder satisfaction survey.