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When is a lift (for vertical transport) required?

The document that determines when a lift should be installed in a building to provide vertical transportation is section 9 of NZS 4121:2001 Design for access and mobility: Buildings and associated facilities.
In general, lifts are required (clause 9.1.3.) for:

  • buildings with four or more storeys
  • upper floors of any building where public access is required to a reception area
  • upper floors of public hospital areas, medical centres, dental surgeries and other primary healthcare facilities
  • upper floors of public assembly spaces that can accommodate more than 250 people
    public libraries.

Clause says that, where the above is not applicable a lift is not required, provided the ground floor is accessible and upper floors are accessible for ambulant disabled, for:

  • two-storey buildings with a gross upper floor area less than 400 m2
  • three-storey buildings with a gross floor area less than 500 m2 for the upper floors. 

From BRANZ Guideline, September 2016