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Standard amended to clarify self-containment for caravans

Freedom campers will now be required to have a usable toilet within their motor caravan or caravan to gain certification under Standards New Zealand’s amended self-contained standard NZS 5465:2001.

Certification is needed in order for freedom campers to camp in certain restricted areas provided for by councils and the Department of Conservation.

The amendment addresses issues around the definition of a self-contained vehicle and helps ensure freedom campers do not affect the environment.

'Under the amendment the motor caravan or caravan must have a toilet that is able to be used inside the vehicle, even when the bed is in place,' says Carmen Mak, Manager of Standards New Zealand.

'After 31 January 2018, all vehicles will need to meet the amended standard in order to get their four-year certification documents.

'The aim of the standard is to help ensure that people are freedom camping in a way that is sustainable,' Ms Mak says.

Standards New Zealand managed the process for the development of the amendment. This has been produced by a development committee consisting of contributors nominated by organisations that have an interest in the area, including local government, central government and industry representatives.

The amendment to the standard can be accessed on the Standards New Zealand website.