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New Zealands Standards for bicycle safety

New Zealand's Standards for bicycle safety include Standards for the construction of bicycle helmets, safety requirements for pedal bicycles, and safety requirements for child carrier seats for pedal bicycles.

AS/NZS 2063:2008 Bicycle helmets

In New Zealand, cycle helmets must be worn, meet an approved Standard and be securely fastened.

AS/NZS 2063 is New Zealand's bicycle helmet Standard. It specifies construction and performance requirements for lightweight protective helmets intended to reduce the adverse effects of a blow to the head. The Standard:

  • covers impact energy attenuation, helmet stability, load distribution, strength and effectiveness of the retention system and its attachment points and peripheral vision clearance for lightweight protective helmets
  • is cited in Land Transport Rule 61001:
  • Ministry: New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Section: 11.8(2)(a)
  • Citation context: AS/NZS 2063, Pedal cycle helmets is cited in the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 also known as Rule 61001.

AS/NZS 1927:2010 Pedal bicycles – Safety requirements

AS/NZS 1927 specifies safety requirements for the design, assembly, and performance of all types of pedal bicycles and subassemblies of pedal bicycles having a wheelbase of 640mm or greater. The Standard:

  • excludes track racers and one-of-a-kind bicycles
  • also specifies requirements for the instructions to be given in a manual on use and maintenance, and for the instructions for the assembly of bicycles offered for supply in a partially assembled state.

AS/NZS 4287:1995 Child carrier seats for pedal bicycles – Safety requirements

AS/NZS 4287 specifies safety requirements for child carrier seats that may be attached to a bicycle, other than a child's bicycle, to transport as a passenger, a child with a body weight of not greater than 22 kg.

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