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Help with the adoption of new reference material standards

We’re looking for individuals to join the Joint Australian/New Zealand CH-040 Reference Materials committee.

We’re calling on New Zealand reference material producers (RMPs) to get involved. If you understand “calibration material”, “reference substance”, or “quality control material” you might be who we’re looking for. There is no cost involved, except your time and dedication.

ISO’s technical committee 334 explains, ‘As technology and trade advance, the need for reliable and accurate measurement results acceptable to (inter)national producers, customers and regulators increases. This in turn requires traceable materials for use in the calibration and validation of measurement methods. These are the so- called “reference materials”. They are essential instruments for quality assurance when confidence and reliability of measurement data is important and where a laboratory’s competence needs to be demonstrated.' Standards help with harmonisation and the application of reference materials.

What is the standard about?

The standard is intended to help reference material producers (RMPs) in preparing clear and concise documentation to accompany a reference material (RM). It lists and explains mandatory, recommended and other categories of information to be considered in the preparation of product information sheets and RM certificates. This information can be used by RM users and other stakeholders in confirming the suitability of an RM or certified reference material (CRM). This document also contains the minimum requirements for a label attached to the container of an individual RM unit.

What is the role?

CH-040 committee’s role is standardisation in the competent production and use of reference materials, including the concepts, terms and definitions related to reference materials. The following items are included in the scope:

  • Definitions, categories, levels and classification of reference materials.
  • Guidelines for technical committees for referring to reference materials in Australian Standards.
  • Requirements for the competence of reference material producers.
  • Principles for the certification of reference materials.

The committee will work towards the adoption of international ISO standards, checking the standards work for New Zealand users. This is a great opportunity to get involved in standards development, especially if you already use the following standards:

  • AS/NZS ISO 33401 Reference materials - Contents of certificates, labels and accompanying documentation
  • AS/NZS ISO 33407 Guidance for the production of pure organic substance certified reference materials

If this is of interest please contact Shaayal Sukul, Advisor, Joint Standards via email for more information: Deadline for expressions of interest is 21 February. You’ll be asked for a nominating organisation to endorse your application.