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Have your say on aged joint Australian/New Zealand standards under review

In partnership with Standards Australia, we regularly review standards that are over 10 years old.

We invite all those that use these standards to tell us:

  • Should these be withdrawn, reconfirmed, or revised?
  • Are they still fit for purpose?
  • Do you use alternatives to meet your compliance needs?

Standards that are being reviewed

Current joint Australian/New Zealand and adopted international standards under review include:

  • AS/NZS ISO 10005:2006 Quality management systems - Guidelines for quality plans - Standard provides guidelines for the development, review, acceptance and revision of quality plans. It is focused primarily on product realisation, and is not a guide to organizational quality management system planning. Identical with, and has been reproduced from, ISO 10005:2005, which was subsequently withdrawn by ISO and replaced with ISO 10005:2018. ISO 10005:2018 has not been adopted by Standards New Zealand, but it is available on our web shop.
  • HB 294:2006 National Post-Border Weed Risk Management Protocol - This fosters the use and further development of decision support systems for prioritising weed species for management at the regional, state/territory and national levels.
  • HB 327:2010 Communicating and consulting about risk - This handbook will help individuals and organisations to understand communication and consultation when managing risk.
  • HB 266:2010 Guide for managing risk in not-for-profit - Facilitates the effective management of risk in independent not-for-profit (NFP), non-profit, and non-government organisations.
  • HB 141:2011 Risk financing guidelines – This explains the role of risk financing and describes a wide range of risk financing techniques. These include the most common techniques (insurance and self-funding) and other less frequently used methods, such as those offered by the capital markets. Each description explains where the particular technique may be suitable as well as pointing out factors which may affect its reliability.

If you use any of these standards in your work we strongly encourage you to have your say on their future.

To comment on the standards under review see Aged joint standards under review(external link)

The deadline for feedback is end of May (except AS/NZS ISO 10005:2006 which is Wednesday 15 May).