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Driven piles using NZS 3604

Clause 6.6 of NZS 3604:2011 Timber-framed buildings states that driven timber piles may be used as:

  • ordinary piles (as in clause 6.5)
  • cantilever piles (as in clause 6.7)
  • braced piles (as in clause 6.8).

When used as braced piles a 450 mm deep concrete footing is not required, but the piles must be driven to a depth below cleared ground level of:

  • 900 mm through gravel
  • 1200 mm through other soil types.

The driving resistances given in NZS 3604 clause 6.6.5 must be achieved.

Driven piles must be:

  • installed as a pair when designated as braced piles
  • driven with the smallest end diameter into the ground. BRANZ provides seminars where gaps in the technical information available have been identified. Depending on the subject matter, BRANZ either provides its own specialists or engages industry experts to develop and present the material.

Summarised from BRANZ Guideline(external link) September 2013.