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Draft revision for PAS 5210:2024 High-temperature heat pumps out for public comment

A draft update to 2021’s publicly available specification for high temperature heat pumps is now available for public comment.

Advice for better energy efficiency in heating large spaces

DZ 5210 High-temperature heat pumps provides advice and information to support the adoption of energy-efficient heat pump systems to deliver hot water in New Zealand commercial space heating applications (for example, schools or hospitals), and industrial process heat applications.

Advice is included on how to quantify and compare the cost, performance, and environmental impact of heat pump systems. Both new installations and retrofit installations to replace an existing heating system are considered. Site integration of the heat pump system is also considered. This includes the use and configuration of associated thermal storage and heating fluid distribution systems, electrical supply, advanced control, data connectivity, performance monitoring, commissioning and operating, and the provision of cooling. Safety issues and the issues and impacts of refrigerant selection are also noted.

From the committee chair Richard Love

PAS 5210:2024 supersedes PAS 5210:2021. The 2021 version was focused on high temperature heat pumps used to provide reticulated hot water for heating in institutional settings, for example, radiators in schools or office buildings. The revision extends the applications to domestic hot water heaters, commercial users of hot water, and process heating (water, air, or other substances) in industry. The field of high temperature heat pumps is an area of active research and innovation, so the PAS has been updated with the latest information.

Consensus built subject matter guidance

This publicly available specification was prepared by the P5210 High Temperature Heat Pumps Technical Advisory Group (TAG). We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of time and expertise from all those involved in developing this specification. The TAG consisted of representatives of the following nominating organisations:

  • Carbon and Energy Professionals New Zealand
  • Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority
  • Energy New Zealand
  • Institute of Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers of New Zealand Inc.
  • Massey University
  • Ministry for the Environment
  • New Zealand Green Building Council
  • New Zealand National Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration
  • Solar Association of New Zealand
  • Western Institute of Technology
  • WorkSafe New Zealand

Have your say

We look forward to hearing your feedback and encourage you to take part in the public comment process and have your say. We understand that there is a lot of information to digest and to consider in the new draft publicly available specification, and your view is both encouraged and appreciated.

You can find a draft on our consultation hub site:

PAS 5210 High-temperature heat pumps - Standards New Zealand - Citizen Space(external link)