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Climb into shaping a playground–related standard

New Zealand representatives are being sought to participate in a new international standard adoption with our neighbours in Australia aimed at ensuring safe playgrounds.

A typical playground

C.Wycoff is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Working with Standards Australia, this project will identically adopt ISO/TS 24665:2023 Playground and recreational areas - Framework for the competence of playground inspectors and playground maintenance technicians to publish as a joint technical specification to be used in Australia and New Zealand.

Are you our New Zealand representative?

For New Zealand to participate so it reflects our local conditions, inspection and installation needs and have it as a joint technical specification, we require a minimum of three New Zealand members to establish the CS-005 joint committee. Multiple representatives help avoid unbalanced input and one space remains ready for you to work with the other representatives.

CS-005 committee will discuss and agree on the standardisation of requirements for playground equipment for use in parks, schools and domestic situations. Specifics areas include specification of materials, safety aspects of design and manufacture, siting, installation and maintenance of equipment together with test methods and installation recommendations for under surfacing materials. This includes guides for the establishment and administration of adventure playgrounds.

For inspectors and technician education, examination and evaluation

The scope of this project, SA/SNZ TS ISO 24665, is to provide guidance and requirements for the education, examination and evaluation of the inspectors’ and maintenance technicians’ competence concerning public playground and recreational areas. This document describes the knowledge and competence required for each specific task an inspector or technician performs.

While this document is intended primarily for public playgrounds, the principles are applicable to other recreational areas.

There are no fees for participation on this committee and the benefits of participating in standards development include building professional development, building lasting and relevant industry networks, collaboration with international partners and leaving a legacy that's used in your specialist field.

Get in touch

If this sounds of interest to you and your industry and you would like more information email Standards New Zealand.

The deadline is Friday 26 April and you'll need an industry organisation to endorse your application as a nominating organisation.