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A time for reflection, connection and thank yous

Ngā mihi o te wā. Wishing you safe, healthy and happy holidays from the team at Standards New Zealand. Malcolm MacMillan, National Manager Standards New Zealand, reflects back acknowledging all those who have played a role in our invaluable work this year.

Ngā mihi o te wā. Wishing you safe, healthy and happy holidays from the team at Standards New Zealand

Ngā mihi o te wā. Wishing you safe, healthy and happy holidays from the team at Standards New Zealand

A time for reflection

As we enter the summer holiday season I reflect on a busy and productive year here at Standards New Zealand, and a milestone one as we reached our 90th year. I’ve really come to appreciate the many organisations and people like you who we work with. Standards do not exist in isolation, and right now the work we’re doing with our commissioners and committee members has the potential to shape New Zealand for the years ahead.

A time for thank yous

This is a time for reflection and importantly thank yous.

  • Thank you to the army of dedicated committee members who give their time and expertise behind the scenes to standards development on 217 Joint Australian and New Zealand standards committees, and 83 international ISO and IEC standard development committees this year. 
  • Thank you to their nominating organisations who support committee members with time amongst their other work commitments to contribute.
  • Thank you to our commissioners who fund standards development leading to 158 new publications this year, the majority of which were with our counterpart Standards Australia, supporting good practice and interoperability across the Tasman.
  • Thank you to our sponsors who provide access for New Zealanders to do the right thing or adopt new, improved ways of doing things.
  • Thank you to our independent Standards Approval Board for their tireless support, expertise, wisdom and diligence, helping us ensure we maintain a robust, credible and trusted standards development process.
  • Thank you to my Standards New Zealand staff for their hard work, expertise, diligence, and passion for what they do, without which we wouldn’t produce the results we do and importantly the value and benefits to New Zealand.
  • Thank you to everyone who uses standards to do things the right way.

A time for connection

Connection is a word I’d like to leave you with. It represents both the work we do and the season we’re entering. After you’ve connected with your whanau and friends over the holidays, enjoying whanaungatanga (or just time with yourself) we look forward to connecting with you all in the New Year to keep standards evolving and adding ongoing value to New Zealand.

Because together we make standards for the betterment of everyone – regulators, businesses big and small, and consumers like you and your whanau.

With best wishes for the holidays, ngā mihi nui,

Malcolm MacMillan, National Manager Standards New Zealand