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Standards New Zealand constantly reviews standards that are more than 10 years old to ensure they are current and continue to be fit for purpose. As part of this review, we ask for feedback from stakeholders on standards which we propose to withdraw or reconfirm.

We are now consulting on the following joint standards across these key sectors:

  • Engineering
  • Consumer and Occupational Safety
  • Fire Protection

Can you contribute to the future of these standards?

Your industry knowledge and expertise can help us determine if they should be withdrawn, reconfirmed, or revised. We also need your views on what other standards or documents are being used instead of the proposed standard for withdrawal.

Standards proposed to be withdrawn:

The following publications have been reviewed by the relevant technical committee (and other stakeholders where appropriate) and are subsequently proposed for withdrawal.

The publications are proposed for withdrawal for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The standard does not reflect current practice or research
  • It is not suitable for new and existing applications (products, systems or processes)
  • It is not compatible with current views and expectations regarding quality, safety or the environment.

Withdrawn standards can still be used within an industry, community or government and are therefore still available for purchase.

Unless specifically stated, there is no proposed replacement for withdrawn standards

Please review the following standards and let us know if you support these withdrawals and/or wish to provide feedback by clicking the button provided below.

(external link) Multi-Sector Standards Proposed to Be Withdrawn - October 2021; 

Standard Designation

(Link to standard on


Consultation Close Date

Engineering Sector



AS/NZS 2041.1:2011(external link)

Buried corrugated metal structures - Part 1: Design methods


AS/NZS 2041.2:2011(external link)

Buried corrugated metal structures - Installation


Consumer & Occupational Safety



AS/NZS 2130:1998(external link)

Cots for day nursery, hospital and institutional use - Safety requirements


AS/NZS 4385:1996(external link)

Infants' rocking cradles - Safety requirements


Fire Protection



AS/NZS 60695.2.13:2001(external link)

Fire hazard testing - Glowing/hot wire based test methods - Glow-wire ignitability test method for materials