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Review: Standards are reviewed ideally every 5–7 years from publication. Standards New Zealand consults the  public and key stakeholders and considers any comments received to decide whether the standard need to be withdrawn, reconfirmed, amended, or revised. A decision to amend or revise leads back to the proposal stage.

  • Proposal: Anyone can suggest an idea for a new standard
  • Scoping: Every idea is assessed and stakeholders are consulted on potential scope and funding
  • Funding and commissioner(s) sought
  • Standards Approval Board assess project brief
  • Committee formation: Nominations from relevant stakeholder groups for a chairperson and committee members
    are selected for approval by the Standards Approval Board. They are then appointed by the New Zealand Standards Executive
  • First draft: The committee collaborates to develop an initial draft of the standard
  • Public consultation: The draft is circulated to the public for comment (usually 8 weeks)
  • Consideration of comment: All comments are considered and the committee prepares an updated draft
  • Committee ballot: The committee then votes on the final draft. For the standard to be published, the committee must reach consensus on the content of the document
  • Final approval: The draft is submitted to the Standards Approval Board for approval to publish
  • Publication: The standard is published and made available to purchase on the Standards New Zealand webshop