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Standards New Zealand is an independent business unit within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). We are New Zealand’s leading developer of standards and standards-based solutions. Our role includes:

  • Standards development. We offer stakeholders from a variety of sectors a range of pathways to develop new standards, update existing standards, or adopt overseas standards
  • International participation. We coordinate international review group (IRG) membership so New Zealanders can participate in the development of a wide range of ISO and IEC international standards
  • Access to standards. We publish, sell and enable access to New Zealand, joint Australian/New Zealand, and international standards.

Although we develop and provide access to standards, we are not responsible for enforcing, regulating, or certifying compliance with these standards.

Most of our standards are developed in partnership with Standards Australia. As New Zealand’s representative at the ISO and the IEC, Standards New Zealand ensures New Zealand has a voice in the international standards community.

We do not receive direct government funding and operate on a cost recovery basis.

Standards solutions

Standards New Zealand brings together key stakeholders to create a range of standards and standards-related publications such as handbooks, technical specifications, and codes of practice. These are developed by expert committees using a robust, transparent, and collaborative process. This consensus-based approach ensures standards solutions are practical, relevant and widely recognised and supported.