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Standards New Zealand is New Zealand’s leading developer of standards and standards-based solutions. 

We help provide standards solutions in diverse subject areas such as health and disability, environmental management, legal risk, information technology, sport and recreation, and fertility services to name a few.

Standards help make life safer and easier. They improve the effectiveness and reliability of many goods and services used every day.

Latest news

New projects underway within Standards New Zealand

Revising the dairy herd testing standard, developing a new accreditation standard for gender and sexual diversity in organisations, and revising the standard for installing insulation to ensure houses are efficiently heated are some of the projects we have underway.

SNZ HB 6117:2014 Electrical installations in dairy sheds

SNZ HB 6117:2014

Electrical installations in dairy sheds

Supplements the requirements of AS/NZS 3000 by providing additional guidance relating to dairy sheds
Glossary of building terms iBook

Glossary of building terms

NZMP 4212 Glossary of building terms now available in iBook format

Glossary of building terms iBook – available for purchase from iTunes