Tunnels – revised lighting standard


The standard that covers lighting for tunnels has been revised. AS/NZS 1158.5:2014 Lighting for roads and public spaces – Part 5: Tunnels and underpasses provides performance and design requirements for lighting schemes for tunnels and underpasses.

The standard is used by designers, consultants, owners, and operators of lighting schemes for tunnels and underpasses.

This revision of AS/NZS 1158.5 recognises that in some situations daylight penetration into an underpass can be significant and that software is available to determine the daylight luminance contribution, which may be used to offset some or all of the electric lighting requirements.

The standard:

  • bases requirements for the tunnel interior lighting on operating speed
  • includes interior sub zones for very long tunnels
  • includes a flow diagram in Appendix L that covers lighting design steps
  • does not cover lighting schemes for underpasses for pedestrians/cyclists, which are covered by AS/NZS 1158.3.1.

The committee that revised AS/NZS 1158.5 included representatives from EECA, the Lighting Council New Zealand, and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Supersedes AS/NZS 1158.5:2007.

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