Mooring and shipyard design – revised BSI standards

A revised BSI standard provides guidance on the design of fendering systems and layouts, mooring devices, and mooring system layouts, principally for commercial vessels. BS 6349-4:2014 Maritime works – Code of practice for design of fendering and mooring systems reflects increasing vessel sizes and berth construction.

Other parts of the BS 6349 series have been and are being revised to reflect changes in design methods imposed by the adoption of limit state design methods encompassed in the Eurocode suite of standards. This includes BS 6349-3:2013 Maritime works – Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks.

BS 6349-3:

  • gives guidance on the design of shipyard waterfront layouts, dry docks, piers, quays, slipways, shipbuilding berths, shiplifts, floating docks, sea locks, hydrolifts, dock and lock gates, mechanical and electrical services distribution and control systems
  • has been revised to broaden the scope to include all principal maritime waterfront structures designed for shipyards and their interrelationship in the design of the whole shipyard.
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