Electric vehicles charging – new IEC standard

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A milestone towards a global framework for introducing safe, interoperable solutions for the fast charging of electronic vehicles (EVs) has been reached with the publication of a new international standard. The standard covers EV direct current (d.c.) fast charging and is the product of almost unprecedented global collaboration between original equipment manufacturers, automotive firms, and electricity utilities.

The standard is published in two parts:

  • IEC 61851-23 covers d.c. charging for the control and communication connection between the d.c. fast charging station and the EV
  • IEC 62851-24 details the digital protocols that enable the communication exchange between the off-board d.c. fast charging station and the EV.

During the development of this standard, the committee overcame some significant hurdles. Car and truck manufacturers, for instance, had to consider varied technical requirements in different regions, which demand the use of a diverse range of plugs, connectors, voltage levels, and frequencies. Addressing such global challenges, the standard comprises the three preferred systems and their associated plugs and connectors: CATARC, COMBO1 and 2, and CHAdeMO.

There is now a globally relevant standard that comprises just three interoperable and safe systems, instead of multiple proprietary charging technologies. Hence, the IEC is confident that a vast and efficient EV d.c. fast charging infrastructure will be able to emerge.

Summarised from IEC e-tech.

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