Revised British standard for road safety lighting

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BS 5489-1:2013 Code of practice for the design of road lighting. Lighting of roads and public amenity areas is a revision of the British standard for road lighting design. BS 5489-1 provides additional guidance to the BS EN 13201 series.

BS 5489-1:

  • applies to all lighting professionals in the UK that work in local government, large engineering companies, and lighting manufacturers and consultancies.
  • provides specific guidance on selecting lighting classes that will help you design more energy efficient road lighting schemes and gives recommendations for general principles of road lighting including aesthetic, technical aspects, operation, and maintenance
    considers the design of lighting for all types of highways, public thoroughfares, pedestrian, and cyclists subways as well as bridges
  • also covers the design of lighting for urban centres and public amenity areas, aerodromes, railways, coastal waters, harbours, and navigable waterways.

Summarised from the BSI website.

Published in transport.

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