Road vehicles run on ISO Standards new ISO brochure

ISO and road vehicles brochure cover

Issue 35 – February 2012

A new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO & road vehicles brochure provides a concise overview of ISO's portfolio of Standards that share state-of-the-art technology and good practice with the automotive sector worldwide.

'Clearly, with more than a billion estimated road vehicles in use worldwide,' the brochure states, 'if the automotive sector uses state-of-the-art Standards for aspects such as safety, impact on the environment, and requirements for supply chain partners, this can have an enormous impact on all three dimensions of sustainable development – social, environmental, and economic.

'The importance of this challenge is reflected by ISO's response. Out of a current total of nearly 19000 ISO Standards for almost all sectors of business and technology, some 900 have been developed for road vehicles and related technologies.'

ISO Standards provide benefits for manufacturers and supply chain partners; regulators and health authorities; vehicle owners and drivers, and road users including pedestrians. They cover all aspects of road vehicles: safety, ergonomics, performance, test methods, the environment, and the roll-out of innovative technologies.

Published in transport.