Future of electric vehicles forum Standards Australia

Issue 34 – December 2011

Standards Australia hosted a forum of leading strategists in electric vehicle technology in October 2011. The forum coincided with the 75th General Meeting of the International Electrotechnical Commission in Melbourne. Attendees were privileged to hear from expert panellists.

'There's great commitment across industry and government to ensure that Australia leads the way in electric vehicle technology,' says Colin Blair, Chief Executive Officer, Standards Australia. 'This gathering demonstrates how motivated industry stakeholders are to see a robust Standards development process to underpin industry development.

'There's a significant role for major industry players, government, and stakeholders to work towards common goals and objectives for standardisation to support industry advancement,' says Blair. 'There is significant scope for the development of Standards to support electric vehicle industry development. This means exploring the application of Standards across areas such as charging stations, vehicle design, and safety.

'We see international alignment as fundamental to the advancement of the domestic electric vehicle industry.'

Expert panellists at the forum included:

  • Dr Bernhard Thies, Chairman, DKE Deutsche Kommission: 'Mobility – Strategy and approach of IEC'
  • Mr Kristian Handberg, Project manager – Low emission vehicles, Department of Transport: 'Victorian electric vehicle trial'
  • Ms Ziva Patir, Global VP, International standardisation, Better place: 'International Standards to drive the world electric and sustainable'
  • Mr Mark McKenzie, Chair, Australian Electric Vehicle Technical Committee: 'Australian update on electric vehicles Standards development'.

Summarised from a Standards Australia media release 27 October 2011.

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