ISO Standard on automatic road safety and emergency messages will get help to victims quicker

When a road crash occurs, a rapid medical response can often mean the difference between life and death for the victims. To help emergency centres dispatch the appropriate life-saving staff and equipment to crash scenes faster, a new ISO international Standard will help to ensure that automatic safety-related messages from the vehicle are immediately understood by emergency services.

Intelligent transport systems – ITS Safety and emergency messages using any available wireless media – Data registry procedures ISO 24978:2009 enables relevant parties to immediately understand the precise and clear meaning of an emergency safety-related message.

'ISO 24978 will help make information provided by the vehicle understandable at the point of reception by emergency and rescue services,' says Bob Williams, the leader of the working group that developed the Standard. 'The benefits are significant, particularly for incidents that take place in remote areas or far from the town centre. Statistics show that knowledge of the exact location reduces the response time of the rescue teams by 40% in built-up areas and 50% in rural environments.'

Published in transport.

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