Electric road vehicles improved ISO safety Standard published

ISO has published an updated, improved edition of an international Standard providing safety specifications for electrically propelled road vehicles. The two-part ISO 6469 will help manufacturers to design fail-safe electrically propelled vehicles.

ISO 6469 provides manufacturers with a framework for the information they need to make available for safety personnel and emergency responders dealing with accidents involving such vehicles.

'The new edition of this Standard will help to reduce the complexity of the relations between vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers,' says Dr Dietrich Sahm, Chair of ISO/TC22/SC 21 that developed the Standard. 'ISO 6469.1:2009 and 6469.2:2009 provide answers in a rapidly evolving technology and to an increasing public interest in the safety and environmental performance of electrically propelled road vehicles.'

Part 3 of ISO 6469 is currently under DIS-Ballot and specifies requirements for the electric propulsion systems and conductively connected auxiliary systems for the protection of persons inside and outside of an electric vehicle.

Published in transport.