New Zealand Chemical Industry Council Responsible Care Contributor of the Year

Labour Minister Hon. Kate Wilkinson recently presented several Responsible Care® awards at the New Zealand Chemical Industry Council (NZCIC) annual general meeting. The awards recognise people who have contributed directly or indirectly to the NZCIC's achievements.

Richard Bean wins Responsible Care® Contributor of the Year award.

Having initially translated the United Nations Model Regulations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods on Land into a Code of Practice, the Council subsequently initiated the conversion of this transport operator's 'bible' into a New Zealand Standard.

This demanding task, together with ongoing interpretation of the Dangerous Goods Transport requirements conflicting with the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Regulations would not have been possible without the professionalism and willing assistance of Richard Bean, a Senior Engineer with the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Richard's expertise and commitment are of great benefit to NZCIC members.

Summarised from an article in the New Zealand Chemical Industry Council Newsbrief, Issue 65, August 2009.

Note: Richard Bean also won a Standards New Zealand 2008 Meritorious Service Award. Read the full Meritorious Service Awards media release on our website. (

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