Standards NZ and Underwriters Laboratories sign historic agreement

Standards New Zealand and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recently signed a collaboration and licensing agreement through which the two organisations agree to share information and work together to advance standardisation and safety.

Underwriters Laboratories is a multinational non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting global safety through collaborative research and data-sharing. They conduct rigorous independent research and analyse safety data, convene experts worldwide to address risks, share knowledge through safety education and public outreach initiatives, and develop standards to guide the safe, sustainable commercialisation of evolving technologies.

Under the terms of the agreement, Standards NZ and UL agree to foster communication and collaboration to avoid duplication of work while enhancing the effectiveness and global relevance of one another’s deliverables. Their partnership will focus on various key sectors, including building and construction (with an emphasis on fire safety), electrical and gas safety, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainability, and digital economy including artificial intelligence (AI) and smart cities.

“This is our first standards collaboration agreement in the Australasian region, which is a significant step towards expanding the UL safety mission in this part of the world,” said Phil Piqueira, Underwriters Laboratories vice president of global standards.

“We are very proud of this partnership with Standards NZ due to the knowledge sharing which will take place and because it demonstrates our commitment towards standardisation as a means of supporting safety and international trade in line with the World Trade Organization’s Technical Barriers to Trade agreement.”

Carmen Mak, Standards New Zealand’s National Manager, said the agreement supports her organisation’s stance of looking to international standards and best practice as a key part of their business strategy.

“We are excited to be working with Underwriters Laboratories to avoid the duplication of work and enhance the effectiveness of standardisation across key sectors in the Asia-Pacific region,” she said.

Published in international.