ISO new work item proposal – Glass clarity – Classification and test method

Standards New Zealand is seeking feedback from relevant stakeholders on the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) proposal for the development of a new standard, ‘Tableware, giftware, jewellery, luminaries — Glass clarity — Classification and test method’. All responses submitted to Standards New Zealand will serve to generate a New Zealand position on the proposal. Voting on the proposal closes on 6 June 2018. Please provide your feedback to by 23 May 2018

Download full proposal as PDF.


The proposed international standard will establish requirements for the use of the designations 'clear glass' and 'ultra-clear glass' for non-coloured glass according to its clarity and iron content. The standard will specify a procedure for measuring the clarity of glass items by means of a spectrophotometer.

The standard will cover:

  • mineral glass, and
  • glass in items where the glass component is not covered by coating or decoration, and is therefore accessible for sampling.

The scope of this international standard includes glass used as tableware, giftware, jewellery and luminaries. It excludes glass used in construction work, containers, medicine and laboratories, or in other types of technical applications.

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