New free online web service for exporters – ePing

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Standards New Zealand is encouraging the use of ePing, a free online web service for exporters. Operated by the World Trade Organization, the new service provides up to date information on regulations in export markets, including product requirements and standards.

Businesses and governments can:

  • register to receive customised ePing alerts by email to easily track regulations for different products or export market
  • search ePing manually to analyse existing regulations.

ePing was developed under a United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs project in cooperation with the World Trade Organization and the International Trade Centre. This project identified a gap in exporter’s knowledge and understanding about changes to regulations in their export markets, which affect their exports. ePing aims to bridge that gap and:

  • provides timely information about changes in technical barriers to trade (TBT) and sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) requirements from trading partners to producers, exporters, governments, and other interested users
  • brings together notifications of changes to New Zealand’s trading partners’ TBT and SPS measures, which have been notified to the World Trade Organization.

TBTs are mandatory technical regulations and voluntary standards for products that are more trade restrictive than necessary. TBTs can include requirements for consumer information and product labelling; and any requirements for size, shape, design, marking, packaging, functionality, performance, or quality. TBTs can also be present in conformity assessment procedures like certification, testing, and inspection of products.

To sign-up for ePing go to (external link)

There are two ePing User Guides available:

If you have any questions about ePing, please email TBT enquiries at

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