New ISO technical committee for ageing societies

This article is summarised with permission from ISO Focus magazine, March 2018.

The world’s population is ageing, just like each of us, and governments, communities and businesses need to adapt. A new ISO technical committee has just been formed to help.

The changing demographics of our society bring with it pressures and challenges ranging from healthcare to the local bus. But opportunities are rife too. The recently established ISO technical committee ISO/TC 314 Ageing societies aims to develop standards and solutions across a wide range of areas to tackle the challenges posed.

ISO/TC 314 Secretary Nele Zgavc from BSI, ISO’s member for the UK, says dementia, preventative care, ageing workforces, technologies, and accessibility are just some of the areas of standardisation that the committee proposes to work on. ‘Ageing societies have global implications,’ she explains. ‘Governments and service providers need to effectively cater to the needs of their populations as they age, for the benefit of society as a whole. There is a crucial need for standards to support this so they can provide a high-quality level of service and harness the opportunities that ageing societies hold.’

ISO/TC 314 includes experts from 30 different countries, including those previously involved in ISO’s strategic advisory group on ageing societies and in the development of the International Workshop Agreement ‘IWA 18: Framework for integrated community-based life-long health and care services in aged societies’.

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