Use past failures and incidents to manage future risks

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New standard AS/NZS IEC 62740:2016 Root cause analysis describes the basic principles of root cause analysis (RCA) and specifies the steps that a process for RCA should include. This standard identifies a number of attributes for RCA techniques which assist with the selection of an appropriate technique. It describes each technique and its relative strengths and weaknesses.

Analysing the causes of failures or incidents affecting systems, products, or processes is the goal of RCA. Using RCA can help prevent future design, production and operation errors (or strengthen positive features), and for that reason it has an important role to play in risk assessment and management.

RCA can be used for investigating the causes of non-conformances in quality (and other) management systems as well as for failure analysis, for example in maintenance or equipment testing.

AS/NZS IEC 62740:2016 is an identical adoption of IEC 62740:2015.

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