Valuing an organisation's people

The fundamental premise of a new standard is that people are inherently valuable – they are an organisation’s biggest asset and should be treated as such.

By respecting this basic principle, both organisations and the people who work on their behalf can benefit from a more equal and sustainable working relationship. As a management system standard, BS 76000 Human resource - Valuing people - Management system - Requirements and guidance provides a framework for organisations to put processes in place which will help catalyse that relationship.

BS 76000 is relevant for any organisation beyond that of sole trader – not just HR professionals or bigger organisations with HR departments – but any organisation with employees, volunteers, or temporary staff.

BS 76000 is based on the core structure and common text developed by ISO for all of its management system standards. This will enable organisations with other such standards in place, to implement and integrate BS 76000 into its wider management systems in a simpler way. Additional guidance has been inserted into the requirements, however, allowing the new standard-user community to understand and implement it more easily.

The principles of BS 76000 are:

  • the interests of staff and other stakeholders are integral to the best interests of an organisation
  • the organisation is part of wider society and has a responsibility to operate in a fair and socially responsible manner
  • commitment to valuing people should come from the most senior leaders of an organisation
  • people working on behalf of an organisation have intrinsic value in addition to their protections under the law or in regulation which needs to be respected
  • each principle is of equal importance.

The standard was developed using a collaborative, consensus-based approach with expertise from a range of employers, academics, and other industry bodies. This included senior management who recognised that the issue of people management must be addressed at a strategic level, enabling ‘people worth’ to be instilled into the psyche of the business. Some of the organisations included: Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), CIPD, Federation of Small Businesses, and University Forum for Human Resource Development.

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