IEC publications

Here are recent new publications from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Hard copy and PDF formats of IEC standards are available for purchase from our website by entering the standard number.

  • IEC 60050-161:1990 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary. Electromagnetic compatibility
    AMENDMENT 5:February 2015
  • IEC 60050-192:2015 International electrotechnical vocabulary. Dependability
  • IEC 60050-212:2010 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary. Electrical insulating solids, liquids, and gases
    AMENDMENT 1:February 2015
  • IEC 60050-300:2001 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary. Electrical and electronic measurements and measuring instruments. General terms relating to electrical measurements
    AMENDMENT 1:February 2015
  • IEC 60050-442:1998 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary. Electrical accessories
    AMENDMENT 1:February 2015
  • IEC 60050-471:2007 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary. Insulators
    AMENDMENT 1:February 2015
  • IEC 60050-705:1995 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary. Radio wave propagation
    AMENDMENT 1:February 2015
  • IEC 60079-5:2015 (Edition 4) Explosive atmospheres. Equipment protection by powder filling “q”
  • IEC 60079-6:2015 (Edition 4) Explosive atmospheres. Equipment protection by liquid immersion “o”
  • IEC 60079-32-2:2015 Explosive atmospheres. Electrostatics hazards. Tests
  • IEC 60127-1:2006 Miniature fuses. Definitions for miniature fuses and general requirements for miniature fuselinks
    AMENDMENT 2:February 2015
  • IEC 60317-40:2015 (Edition 2) Specifications for particular types of winding wires. Glass-fibre braided resin or varnish impregnated, bare or enamelled rectangular copper wire, temperature index 200
  • IEC 60364-7-722:2015 Low-voltage electrical installations. Requirements for special installations or locations. Supplies for electric vehicles
  • IEC 60512-29-100:2015 Connectors for electronic equipment. Tests and measurements. Signal integrity tests up to 500 MHz on M12 style connectors. Tests 29a to 29g
  • IEC 60968:2015 (Edition 3) Self-ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting services. Safety requirements
  • IEC 61000-4-30:2015 (Edition 3) Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Testing and measurement techniques. Power quality measurement methods
  • IEC 61169-51:2015 Radio-frequency connectors. Sectional specification for RF coaxial connectors with inner diameter of outer conductors 13,5 mm with bayonet lock. Characteristic impedance 50Ω (type QLI)
  • IEC 61280-2-2:2012 Fibre optic communication subsystem test procedures. Digital systems. Optical eye pattern, waveform and extinction ratio measurement
    CORRIGENDUM 1:February 2015
  • IEC 61285:2015 (Edition 3) Industrial-process control. Safety of analyser houses
  • IEC 61290-1-3:2015 (Edition 3) Optical amplifiers. Test methods. Power and gain parameters. Optical power meter method
  • IEC 61300-3-53:2015 Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Basic test and measurement procedures. Examinations and measurements. Encircled angular flux (EAF) measurement method based on two-dimensional far field data from step index multimode waveguide (including fibre)
  • IEC 61347-1:2015 (Edition 3) Lamp controlgear. General and safety requirements
  • IEC 61400-27-1:2015 Wind turbines. Electrical simulation models. Wind turbines
  • IEC 61747-20-1:2015 Liquid crystal display devices. Visual inspection. Monochrome liquid crystal display cells (excluding all active matrix liquid crystal display cells)
  • IEC 61810-1:2015 (Edition 4) Electromechanical elementary relays. General and safety requirements
  • IEC 61810-3:2015 Electromechanical elementary relays. Relays with forcibly guided (mechanically linked) contacts
  • IEC/TS 61936-2:2015 Power installations exceeding 1 kV a.c. and 1,5 kV d.c. d.c
  • IEC 62047-15:2015 Semiconductor devices. Micro-electromechanical devices. Test method of bonding strength between PDMS and glass
  • IEC 62047-16:2015 Semiconductor devices. Micro-electromechanical devices. Test methods for determining residual stresses of MEMS films. Wafer curvature and cantilever beam deflection methods
  • IEC 62047-17:2015 Semiconductor devices. Micro-electromechanical devices. Bulge test method for measuring mechanical properties of thin films
  • IEC 62135-2:2015 (Edition 2) Resistance welding equipment. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements
  • IEC 62271-104:2015 (Edition 2) High-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Alternating current switches for rated voltages higher than 52 kV
  • IEC 62325-451-5:2015 Framework for energy market communications. Problem statement and status request business processes, contextual and assembly models for European market
  • IEC 62366-1:2015 Medical devices. Application of usability engineering to medical devices
  • IEC 62368-1:2014 Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment. Safety requirements
    CORRIGENDUM 1:February 2015
  • IEC 62552-1:2015 Household refrigerating appliances. Characteristics and test methods. General requirements
  • IEC 62552-2:2015 Household refrigerating appliances. Characteristics and test methods. Performance requirements
  • IEC 62552-3:2015 Household refrigerating appliances. Characteristics and test methods. Energy consumption and volume
  • IEC 62580-1:2015 Electronic railway equipment. On-board multimedia and telematic subsystems for railways. General architecture
  • IEC 62656-3:2015 Standardized product ontology register and transfer by spreadsheets. Interface for Common Information Model
  • IEC 62708:2015 Document kinds for electrical and instrumentation projects in the process industry
  • IEC 62740:2015 Root cause analysis (RCA)
  • IEC 62741:2015 Demonstration of dependability requirements. The dependability case
  • IEC 62747:2014 Terminology for voltage-sourced converters (VSC) for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems
    CORRIGENDUM 1:February 2015
  • IEC 62792:2015 Measurement method for the output of electroshock weapons
  • IEC 62810:2015 Cylindrical cavity method to measure the complex permittivity of low-loss dielectric rods
  • IEC 62821-1:2015 Electric cables. Halogen-free, low smoke, thermoplastic insulated and sheathed cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V. General requirements
  • IEC 62821-2:2015 Electric cables. Halogen-free, low smoke, thermoplastic insulated and sheathed cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V. Test methods
  • IEC 62821-3:2015 Electric cables. Halogen-free, low smoke, thermoplastic insulated and sheathed cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V. Flexible cables (cords)
  • IEC 62875:2015 Multimedia systems and equipment. Multimedia e-publishing and e-book technologies. Printing specification of texture map for auditory presentation of printed texts
  • IEC/TR 62921:2015 Quantification methodology for greenhouse gas emissions for computers and monitors
  • IEC 80601-2-35:2009 Medical electrical equipment. Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of heating devices using blankets, pads or mattresses and intended for heating in medical use
    CORRIGENDUM 2:February 2015
  • CISPR 14-2:2015 (Edition 2) Electromagnetic compatibility. Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus. Immunity. Product family standard

IEC/PAS publications

  • IEC/PAS 61076-3-122:2015 Connectors for electronic equipment. Product requirements. Detail specification for rugged 8-way, shielded, free and fixed connectors

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