Join world’s top experts on the use of electrical equipment in hazardous areas


All of the world’s top experts on the use of electrical equipment in hazardous areas will be in New Zealand in September 2015.

The International Electrotechnical Commission Ex committee (IECEx) has selected New Zealand as the venue for its annual meetings which will be held in Christchurch 14 – 18 September. As the New Zealand member of the IEC, Standards New Zealand is involved in organising the meetings.

Ex areas can be known by different names such as ‘hazardous locations’, ‘hazardous areas’, and ‘explosive atmospheres’. They are areas where flammable liquids, vapours, gases, or combustible dusts are likely to occur in quantities sufficient to cause an explosion.

Why is this important?

The IECEx certification scheme enables New Zealand companies to buy equipment from any number of world-wide companies who supply through the scheme and know that it is compliant and safe, without the need to have the equipment retested in New Zealand.

New Zealand has no electrical equipment manufacturing capabilities so we rely heavily on the use of the IECEx certified equipment to comply with hazardous areas legislation. The scheme is an essential component of the New Zealand infrastructure in this area.

About the meetings

The meetings will take place over 5 days at the Chateau on the Park hotel in Christchurch. Approximately 200 people from 64 countries will attend.

Be involved in this rare opportunity

There are sponsorship packages available which offer a rare opportunity for Ex equipment manufacturers, end-users, other stakeholders in the Ex sector, to promote their businesses and be part of this international forum. It is also a great opportunity to promote New Zealand, and all we have to offer, to people from around the world.

Read more about IECEx and the sponsorship packages available.

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