Waste management, recycling, and road operation service - ISO new field of technical activity

Standards New Zealand is seeking feedback on a proposal for a new field of technical activity on waste management, recycling, and road operation service. DIN, the ISO national member body for Germany has proposed this activity.

The purpose of this activity is to standardise equipment for waste management, recycling, public cleaning, and road operation, taking into particular account technical and logistical aspects. Drafting of international standards for products and procedures as well as safety requirements for the collection, transport, storage, and transfer of solid and liquid waste is also intended to be included.

Sludge recovery, treatment and disposal, and also water re-use are not covered by the scope of this ISO/TC.

Standards New Zealand is consulting with key stakeholders in this area to determine New Zealand's response. There is more information on our website.

To submit comments including support for or opposition to the proposal, please email isoadmin@standards.co.nz

Comments received will be used to form a New Zealand position on this proposal. Please provide your comments by 9 May 2015.







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