Standards Australia – 10th prioritisation round

Standards Australia has collated new standards development project proposals for its 10th prioritisation round.

Standards Australia is committed to developing internationally aligned Australian standards in the national interest. The Prioritisation and Selection Process is used to assess, select, and prioritise new standards development projects. This process takes place twice a year and ensures resources are allocated where they can deliver greatest benefit to the community and allow Standards Australia to operate on a sustainable basis.

The submission period for the tenth round of the Prioritisation and Selection Process closed on 18 March 2015. Ninety-three proposals were received covering approximately 230 projects across a wide variety of sectors. A formal assessment and evaluation process is now underway and the Standards Development Committee will meet in early May 2015 to consider these proposals.

More information

For a list of all proposals that were received, read the New Project Proposals – Project Prioritisation and Selection – Tenth Round pdf.

If you would like to provide input on any proposed projects, please contact the National Sector Manager listed, quoting the Proposal Number.

For more information on the Prioritisation and Selection Process, read the Standards Australia Guide to the Project Prioritisation Process and Criteria pdf.

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