Nano-labelling for well-informed consumers

Nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanofibres? Nanotechnologies are increasingly used in the products we buy, yet we are often unaware of their existence. To better inform consumers about their presence, ISO has developed a document that offers manufacturers a harmonised approach for the voluntary labelling of their nanoproducts and products incorporating nanotechnology.

ISO/TS 13830 provides guidance on the format and content of voluntary labels for consumer products containing manufactured nano-objects. It recommends, among other things, placing the term ‘nano’ on product labels. Such labelling will enable consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

ISO/TS 13830 will be used mainly by manufacturers, retailers, the packaging industry and marketing managers, and secondly by any stakeholders interested in improving communication and understanding about nanoproducts.

Nanotechnology cuts across many other scientific disciplines, including electronics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, optics, and biology, and involves manipulating matter at the nanoscale (size range of approximately 1nm to 100 nm).

While nanotechnologies may raise possible concerns, they also make our lives simpler. For example, they help the administration of some medicines, make our clothes more stain-resistant, and improve the strength of certain materials.

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