ISO focus September October 2013 top stories

Issue 54 – October 2013

ISO focus magazine, the publication providing the latest news and features from the world of international Standards, has a new design. The September/October 2013 issue is the 100th issue and reflects ISO's move to become a bigger, bolder magazine.

Top stories

  • Jacob Holmblad, Former ISO Vice-President (technical policy), knows the ins and outs of ISO, but a new position outside the standards business opened his eyes for the first time to how the world sees or rather does not see us.
  • Play matters: Mattel, the world's largest toy maker, has been faced with some rough challenges due to safety scandals revolving around toy design and manufacturing in China. During August 2007, Mattel was forced to recall in extremis certain toys because they contained loose magnets and excess lead that posed immediate danger to the children who played with them. How did Mattel maintain its credibility and recover from the scandal while still keeping its number one spot on the world market?
  • The beauty of doing good: The pharmaceutical industry is cleaning up its image by investing in a raft of social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. Pharmaceutical companies have historically received much criticism for unethical and non-environmentally friendly business practices that include animal testing, unsustainable sourcing, and chemical pollution.
  • Hydrogen age: Hydrogen is a significant source of energy which can be burned to produce power with no negative impact on the environment, unlike power produced by burning fossil fuels. Hydrogen gas can be easily produced by splitting water into its constituent elements – hydrogen and oxygen.

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