Australian Standards

New Standards

AS 1375-2013 Industrial fuel-fired appliances
Sets out requirements and safety principles relating to the design, installation, and operation of industrial appliances that involve the combustion of gas or liquid fuel, or other fuel in air suspension, or the generation of combustible vapours in such appliances.
Supersedes AS 1375-1985 and AS 1853-1983

AS 2008-2013 Bitumen for pavements
Specifies requirements for bitumen intended for use in the construction and maintenance of pavements.
Supersedes AS 2008-1997

AS 2341.14-2013 Methods of testing bitumen and related roadmaking products – Determination of flashpoint of bitumen
This Standard sets out a procedure for the determination of the open cup flashpoint of bitumens over a range of 200°C to 350°C.
Supersedes AS 2341.14-1992

AS 2941-2013 Fixed fire protection installations – Pumpset systems
Specifies requirements for totally independent pumpset systems for use with fixed fire protection installations, such as sprinkler, hydrant, water spray, and hose reel systems.
Supersedes AS 2941-2008       

AS 5621-2013 Iron ores – Rapid moisture determination
Specifies a method for the rapid determination of moisture content of iron ore using radiant and conduction drying instead of drying by convection. The method is applicable to all iron ores, whether natural or processed.
Supersedes ATS 5621-2012     

ATS 5816-2013 Digital images for diagnostic and other clinical purposes: Presentation, communication, display and manipulation
Defines the requirements for the presentation, communication, display, and manipulation of digital images which are to be used for primary and secondary diagnosis.

AS ISO/IEC 20000.2-2013 Information technology – Service management – Guidance on the application of service management systems
This part of ISO/IEC 20000 provides guidance on the application of an SMS based on ISO/IEC 20000-1 and provides examples and suggestions to enable organizations to interpret and apply ISO/IEC 20000-1, including references to other parts of ISO/IEC 20000 and other relevant standards. This part of ISO/IEC 20000 is independent of specific best practice frameworks and the service provider can apply a combination of generally accepted guidance and their own techniques.
Supersedes AS ISO/IEC 20000.2-2007

AS ISO 20121-2013 Event sustainability management systems – Requirements with guidance for use
Adopts ISO 20121:2012 to specify requirements for an event sustainability management system for any type of event or event-related activity, and provide guidance on conforming to those requirements.

New Amendments

Amendment 1-2013 to SA HB 234-2012 Healthcare identifier HL7 implementation guide

Amendment 2-2013 to AS 1684.2-2010 Residential timber-framed construction – Non-cyclonic areas

Amendment 1-2013 to AS 4145.5-2011 Locksets and hardware for doors and windows – Controlled door closing devices (EN 1154:1997, MOD)

Superseded and withdrawn Standards

AS 1375-1985 Industrial fuel-fired appliances (known as the SAA Industrial Fuel-fired Appliances Code)
Made Available Superseded by AS 1375-2013

AS 1853-1983 Automatic oil and gas burners – Mechanical draught
Superseded by AS 1375-2013   

AS 2008-1997 Residual bitumen for pavements
Superseded by AS 2008-2013

AS 2341.14-1992 Methods of testing bitumen and related roadmaking products – Determination of flashpoint of residual bitumen
Superseded by AS 2341.14-2013

AS 2941-2008 Fixed fire protection installations – Pumpset systems
Superseded by AS 2941-2013   

ATS 5621-2012 Iron ores – Rapid moisture determination
Superseded by AS 5621-2013

AS ISO/IEC 20000.2-2007 Information technology – Service management – Code of practice
Superseded by AS ISO/IEC 20000.2-2013

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