ISO 9000 quality management and quality assurance committee celebrates silver jubilee

Issue 43 – October 2012

As well as being the 80th birthday of Standards New Zealand, 2012 represents an important milestone for the ISO technical committee 176, Quality management and quality assurance, and its subcommittees. The ISO 9000 family of Standards has reached its 25th year of publication!

From the first issue in 1987, this suite has been the strongest seller for ISO and has exerted considerable influence in promoting the discipline of quality management worldwide. The most well-known member of ISO 9000 family is ISO 9001 Quality management systems – Requirements. Often used for guidance in management and purchasing, more than one million organisations around the globe now have quality management certification to the Standard. As the Chair of ISO/TC 176/SC2, Dr Nigel Croft, says 'the incredible success of the ISO 9001 certification phenomenon has helped global supply chains to become more effective and more efficient'.

The ISO 9000 family has had a vital role to play in achieving sustainable management strategies and practices in both the private and public sectors. Studies show that effective quality programmes can boost share price, profit, revenue, and customer retention, as well as employee, customer, and user satisfaction. By defining requirements in ISO 9001 that give a base-level confidence in an organisation's ability to provide conforming products, this Standards family has also had a key role in facilitating world trade.

→ The New Zealand Organisation for Quality is marking the ISO 9000 Silver Jubilee by making their October 2012 QNewZ newsletter (normally members only) available to download for free from until the end of this year. The October 2012 issue includes articles on ISO 9000 and the future revision of ISO 9001 scheduled for publication in 2015. Take a look to see how your organisation might benefit from systematic application of quality management

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