British lift safety Standard fully revised due to new legislation and improved working practices

Issue 44 – November 2012

BS 7255:2012 Code of practice for safe working on lifts gives recommendations for:

  • owners of permanently installed lifts

  • people in charge of the premises where lifts are installed

  • people responsible for, and involved in, the design, installation, thorough examination, inspection, testing, service, maintenance, repair and dismantling of lifts.

The advice is intended for the safety of people working on and around the lift and the safety of people in the area who may or may not be working on the lift. It is applicable to all types of lifts.

The Standard has been fully revised and includes the following key changes.

  • Updates to accommodate new legislation

  • Revisions to accommodate new and revised standards published since 2001

  • The inclusion of improved safety procedures for working in a lift pit

  • The inclusion of information on occasions where there is more than one person working

  • Information on working on machine-room-less lift installations

  • The inclusion of recommendations for electrical working

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Summarised from BSI's Building and Construction Newsletter, 26 October 2012.

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Published in international.

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