Standards Malaysia educational drive on Standards

Issue 38 – May 2012

Malaysia sees standardisation as an important instrument for both economic and social development. An educational drive on Standards was launched with the aim to increase awareness of, and knowledge about, Standards and standardisation.

As a starting point for stimulating standardisation activities in the country, Standards Malaysia organised a workshop on the 'Develop­ment of education about standardisation' for developing countries in Kuala Lumpur, in December 2011. The workshop was a collaborative platform to exchange and disseminate information.

The objectives were to get an update on the current state of knowl­edge; promote the importance of education on standardisation to universities and to industry; initiate international joint research and publications in this domain; and improve the image of standardisation among all stakeholders.

Workshop speakers emphasised not only the need for standardisa­tion education, but gave practical advice on implementation, by using modern concepts like design thinking and games. The first winners of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Award for Higher Education in Standardization were China Jiliang University, Hangzhao, China (Prof Song Mingshun) and the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (Dr Henk de Vries), shared their experiences.

Representatives from industry, academia, and the government also took part in the workshop, as did consumer groups and Standards bodies. A presentation was made by Dr Che Azlan Taib, a quality management teacher focusing on the ISO 9000 series of Standards at the School of Technology Management and Logistics, College of Business, University Utara Malaysia.

Summarised from ISO Focus+, March 2012.

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